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Oglądalność: 1677637, czas ile trwa 20m 2s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena 8837, oraz reakcje 4084. 15 crazy nfl fan brawls Do you think NFL fan fights are cool or stupid? Description: Fans go to NFL games to enjoy the beauty of the sport. You go out with your family, friends, grab some beers and a hot dog and enjoy it. It shouldn’t be rocket science. However, there are always some idiotic fans that ruin it for everybody. They drink too much and have to act like big shots and start fights in the stands. Though these people think they’re coming off as cool, they come off to us as jerks. ...

15 of the Most INSANE NFL Fan Fights

- that's what the chefs get's
- "When you reach adulthood, you're taught common sense."

What? Pretty sure nobody is taught common sense.
- terrible fights,as in lame
- All poor blue collar people...
- So many NFL Fans (?) are drunken trash men and fat chicks who obviously don’t like salad.
- Footballgay
- imagine the raiders and football team start fighting fight of the year automatically
- Imagine the most violent sport in the most violent country in the world and alcohol. What a sad country
- You go up to 3 or more fans of another team, that's some serious team butthurt. None plagued a part in the win or loss but they take that sh✋t personal. 😂🤣😂
- Not gonna lie these clips sucked and I’ve seen a lot worse nfl fights on YouTube. U Should’ve done better research.
- I hate Raiders fan.. They are the most craziest fans in ALL sports
- dangerous place to be a COWBOY fan......... thought yu knew........were everywhere!!!
- Their cool, stupid. That's why you made the video.
- Ravens fans are fucking PUSSIES lmao 3 on 1 and one of them winds up asleep hahahahaha little 2X super bowl champions. So cute.
- One thing you will always see during these fan fights..a ton of sucker punches.
- Anyone see a pattern?!
- Dude I’ve seen 15 better fights at one game… I may or may not have been involved in 11 of them
- It only takes one F*CK*NG drunk to screw things up. Especially a drunk bitch! And they can't figure out why seat prices are high!
- The #1 cause of these fights is alcohol.