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Oglądalność: 374663, czas ile trwa m s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena 5727, oraz reakcje 246. Let's create our first HTML project and document - Learn HTML and CSS. In this HTML tutorial, we will be getting started with HTML, and create an HTML document which will end up becoming our front page. The front page will be set up using HTML5, and will be the file we use in this course for most of our lessons. Link to Atom: UTF-8: ➤ GET ACCESS TO MY LESSON MATERIAL HERE! First of all, thank you for all the support you h ...

2: Let's Create Our First HTML Project and Document | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial

- Very briief, clear and straight- forward, am so glad i found your channel, thank you very much
- nice
- Thank you so much
- Damn I'm gonna binge this series 🔥🔥
- That was so well explain ! Thanks a million I will get there slowly :)
- Informatik C gang
- Hands down the best beginner video for anyone who is trying to code. There are hundreds out there and this guy kills it. Good Job.
- Thank you!
- I’ve been browsing YouTube trying to get started using atom, and this helped me so much. This video is extremely helpful!
- start teachingggggggggg
- You explain things very well! In a way that it really sinks in.
- You explain things very well! In a way that it really sinks in.
- I wish you wouldn't put the lessons' material in a paid place
- Thank you..
- this has been so helpful, thank you!
- thanks! Can i ask if notepad++ also provide the same shortcut? E.g. Body + Tab
- does anyone else have the problem of when you open it with chrome the stuff you wrote doesnt pop up like the title exe
- Dear Dani.
in atom editor, please tell me how to close red popups and get rid off
- I learned so much in just 10 mins!! omfg.... you're really good at explaining !!!