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Cpanel set website home page || Index.html,index.php || show index of

- Worked good job thank you so much
- This video is Gold
- perfect
- It doesnt work brother
- bhai ye dislike karne wale kon hai yaar agar apko koi question hai to comment karo yar
- I need it so much
- Thanks
- if I have index.php as backend and index.html as frontend how can I merge both? or what is there any suggestion?
- My index.php is missing what must I do
- this really helped me allot , thx 'D
- I am doing website in cpanel where can I insert this line.i have to add this how many times Sir pls help me
- thanks so much .
- this one actually helped , dont know why on this topic there are so many videos with just clearing cache of the browser that doesnt help :D
- Very Good
- Gracious
- Bravo
- Awesome
- Great
- Thank you