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Oglądalność: 585643, czas ile trwa 10m 6s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena 2605, oraz reakcje 61. CRAZY Moments of Fans in Sports! Subscribe for more.. 🎵 Music: No Mercy - Magic Release X-Ray - Magic Release JURGAZ - Pure For Sponsorship and Job Offers: Social media: Instagram► cenk_bezirci -------------------------------------------------- ---- Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Mitch Marner, Luis Suarez, Djokovic, and more in this video.. -------------------------------------------------- ---- Cenk Bezirci JR © 2021 ...

CRAZY Moments of Fans in Sports

- 0:45 WTF 😱
- British football fans are on another level
- Me pueden decir el nombre de la canción? 4:10
- ronaldinio seems jesu of fottbal.. JESUS IS GOD.. iesus
- que loucura é essa hahaha
- 2:00 Bravo Paulo.
- 5:07超級差勁的褲裡。
- 세상은 넓고 별놈들 많다....
- Thanks CB
- يعني المشجع يضرب اللاعب ولاعب يرد علي وينطرد حكم زربه شتريده يسوي يخلي يضربه
- Στο 3:22 μου φάνηκε ή το παλικάρι λέει: Ησυχία, ησυχία?🤔
- アスリートに暴力なんてあり得ない。痛めたら責任取れるのか?
- Just the one who said messsssiiiiiiiiiii😂😂
- I'm Gunna run on the field in my life time
- I feel like giving red card for their own self diffence isnt a good rule. Cuz when players get injured by those few people they dont get any punishments but when players hit them back for their own self diffence and obvioulsy everyone would be angry when they come to attack us nah and the players receive red card.... what do u guys think?
- 선수들을 폭행하는 미친 바보들 ㅉ
- Everytime I see a "fan" run out on the field, I always root for a player to light them up.
- Thumbnail at 3.03
- "why don't you gonna stop crying" some great grammer
- 9:12
nice scene!!