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Oglądalność: 19712446, czas ile trwa 10m 4s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena 107151, oraz reakcje 6047. Fans interfering with games, not including fans running on during down time between plays. Get Your SportzCases here! - Promo code for 10% off - SAVAGEBRICK Instagram: Twitter: Gaming channel: Second channel: google plus: clip credit: ...

Fan Interference in Sports Compilation

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- Bless these people who make the games more entertaining by doing this
- Albo i też takie - logopeda lublin prywatnie ja bym się z tym zgodził.
- This video is missing the by far worst instance of fan interference in sports history: the attempted murder of Monica Seles
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- 5:35 He is a pro player. He's playing against the security team.
- The fake ref was the funniest one
- Sup
- What is that first sport? It looks like NFL but not......
- Why didn't they give them the goal for that second one. It was obviously going to go in.
- 5:39 what an absolute chad
- Fan Interference offensive team 5 yard penalty replay 1st down
- My sub titles are on and it dated baby Johnson
- The disgraceful thing was when the mom came into the ring, she hit the guy in the back of the head with her shoe. Then, he got the DQ loss because of his head bleeding too much. Lesson to all you boxers out there, if you ever find yourself getting your ass whooped, just have someone jump into the ring and stab your opponent, easy win.
- 7:33 legend
- 1:19 god fan
- Who has actually bought a Sportzcase?
- Only in Jacksonville will they do something like that
- Poder blanco 😎