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Oglądalność: 3231381, czas ile trwa 6m 54s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena 31229, oraz reakcje 673. Acts of generosity from celebrity athletes in various professional sports leagues, edited by Smile Network. -- 1. Young girl overjoyed after receiving puck from Brett Connolly 2. Russell Westbrook gives his shoes to fans 3. Arizona Cardinals LB Sam Acho gives fan an early Christmas gift 4. Josh Donaldson Plays Catch With A Young Fan 5. French Open in the rain with Novak Djokovic 6. Pavel Buchnevich brings fan to tears after handing over stick 7. Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Kid his shirt Because he ...

Fans Freaking Out Over Sports Athletes

- cute moments
- I have no words for how wonderful it is to see those children so happy just wonderful of those sports athletes because they are most all so closed and so much healthier and then by this cap that's why I love sports so much it's full emotions and what is certain it brings people back to 1 👍💪💪💪❤❤❤🤝
- Albo i też takie - , mi zawsze odpowiadało.
- Hey Pop you give it to your daughter FIRST.
- These videos always bring me to tears!! I love kids getting to meet their idols!!
- I would gladly die for that last kid
- If I was a pro athlete I’d make sure to try help out and notice as much kids as possible. Man the smiles and excitement are so awesome
- I remember getting John Elway’s autograph. I have no idea where the autograph is at, but I will always have that memory.
- 最初の子の拗ねてる顔可愛すぎる
- Lol tha father at the beginning is an absolute genius!
- That first one even though that 1 dude kept catching it down giving it to the other kids.... commentator was spot on, was worth her to see her smile in the end...
- I wish more athletes did this...especially for the can absolutely make a kid’s day and gain a lifelong fan by doing something like this.
- Sports athletes are the best kind of athletes.
- Maybe humanity still has a chance
- I was at a Texas Rangers game once at the old Arlington Stadium when I was a kid and I asked Rudy Law of the White Sox for a ball. He said I'm all out of balls but here is a bat. As he threw it up to me a "friend" got right in the way and snagged it... But hey Rudy you still the the man in my my book!!!!
- gettin sweaty shows from nba player naah thanks, you can keep them, a packkkk fuuuuck yah!!!
- why did you have to ruin the video with the shitty music?
- 1:48 Did that kid say to his mom "can we stop at the pawn shop after this?!" ?
- 日本のプロスポーツのファンサービスの幼稚さが、解る動画だな。
- I applaud these kind of athletes. this really gives back.
- damn it! i hate marchand... but i like him a little more after that last one haha