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Fans vs Sportsmans in Sports

- 4:00 Neymar
- Are water bottles lead at soccer games?? 😂
- Imagine getting kicked in the ribs by a soccer player... Damn...
- A peleadores de MMA no le hacen eso, jajaja
- 3:40, badass mascot
- Belhanda 1:32 tell it to your mom morrocan language hhhh (قلها لأمك )
- Wow it's a fukcing shame for America not to let fans act like fans. Wtf?
- 06:34 Look At Them Barcelona Players, It Only Hit One Of Them 🤣🤣!
Biggest Cheaters In Football
- Paok the most crazy fans
- When the mascot done the karate kid I nearly died 😅🤣🤣🤣
- Thats not Fans,they are only stupid Bastards.
- Song name 0:12 ? Plz
- Ouh ah cantona ouhhh aaaahhhhhhhhh cantona !!!!
- Hey , look Indonesian football, you can find some
- Anyone know the song in the intro?
- Fuk the world
- I'm Fußball gibt es die grössten pussys!
- Las botellas de agua de Valencia son armas de destrucción masiva que de un botellazo se quejaban 4 o 5 de que le había dado 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
- 0:42 Пухлый проепал большие бабки...
- We are the Racist fans on planet, BEITAR 🇮🇱