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Most Outrageous Fan Moments in Sports | Part 2 (Funny)

- Why have a zero on a playing card??? Dude thought it was a Queen. He probably couldn't hear the lady.
- that high low game was tricky i thought the 0 was a Queen
- Na tej stronie też widziałem , jak nie to nie wiem.
- Lady that kept the money is the definition of an asshole.
- for real, i dont know a THING about hockey, other than back on the SNES i kept getting called for icing and I still dont know what that means. but those dudes trolling the guys in the penalty box might be one of my favorite things in sports. do they not do that anymore?
- 2:31 haha Karma is a b***h.
- 0:41 he was being chased by his crazy ex girlfriend (the opponent team) 🤣
2:22 karma...pure karma
2:53 that's scary I would lose my mind.... I wonder how he fell?
3:38 Green gang
- The guy is drunk but there he goes !!!! Wtf
- The fact he said " bro what are you doing trying to catch it with your wallet"

- The fact he said lower than zero
- Someone threw a live chicken at a hockey game
- <— DILDO lmaooo
- The first one was so stupid and it was so funny bc you can see he realizes his idiotic mistake 😂
- A "SAVAGE BRICK" hit that pane of glass!
- 1:40 what the heck is that guy doing catching the ball with his wallet, but what pisses me off is that everyone grabs the money and doesnt even bother giving HIS money to him. like wtf
- The announcer describing the drunk man running on the field was awesome.
- Oh no 666k views
- Well now Kobe is gone
- What is a dildo
- 2:45 isn’t that Nicole Richie