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Stay Cool with a Handsfree Personal Mini Neck Fan

- Stvpidest guy ever
- Where we can get this item ???
- A tu może zerkałeś pozycjonowanie , zawsze coś przydatnego.
- Fr 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
- Looks like this same fan is manufactured under different brand names. I just purchased an identical one under the name Cool Fans at Target for $9.99. The color scheme was different but the same exact neck fan. I have a Lasko tower blower fan that blows chill air and an Icybreeze cooler air conditioner that blows out air in the range of 26 degrees to 33 degrees that I use at work and this will be beneficial when I'm away from my other fans and when I'm moving around. Its typical 85 - 90 degrees in the shop at my job in the summer and I live in the humid muggy south. I bought my neck fan today because by summer it will be hard to find these on the store shelves. Between the neck fan, Lasko fan and Icybreeze cooler I should stay pretty cool at work this summer.
- Please i need some, how do i get it
- Good demonstration of the product, thanks! You're funny too. :-)
- I'd like to buy one.
How much does it cost?
- Thats awesome it cools your face while your balls are sweating as hell lmao
- Mine stopped working after an hour and won’t charge anymore
- Mine came today September 1 (I ordered it June 2) and it's freezing out here!. Same reaction as you. This will help me in my house upstairs where it gets so hot you can pass out (prior to putting the air conditioner on for the season. Opening a window lets bugs in). Showed it to my two cats, then turned the fan on. They scattered like cock roaches! My only disappointment is the color. I ordered green. Looks more like blue (or even that dreaded mint!).
- Hi all. I’ve just purchased one from a UK seller on EBay. Ordered Friday, came Tuesday, and it cost £8.50. It’s completely outweighed my expections! There’s 3 fan speed settings, and even on the lowest it cools me down to a bearable level, and the humidity here today (Cornwall) is 97%. Well worth every penny. One full charge with pretty much continuous use, lasted just shy of 4 hrs, but I’ve popped batteries in my bag so I can swap to those if I’m out and lose charge. Bargain!!
- Per prize
- Your so cute adorable
- It not hot in the uk the typical British weather since covid over it always started rain since more car are out and about give pollution.
- I am an Amazon seller in the United States. I have the latest style of neck fan. Please contact me if necessary. I have a free fan
- which country made this brand?
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- $50 for that junk pass
- Nice!
- I LOVE mine! I work as a mail carrier and this is definitely a must have. I bought two so I can swap them out and not worry about it dying on me and being stuck without a breeze