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Trust the process? Kroenke out? | Neville & Carragher chat to Arsenal fans!

- For all the talk about arsenal's failures, they'll finish above united
- My man Clive. So eloquent when he speaks
- A tu może zerkałeś wywalone , widziałem, też się zgadzam,
- He doesn’t suit our club
- Our true home Highbury
- Taiwuuu won’t like that
- The problem isn't that wenger has left. I wasn't happy in the way wenger left, he deserved more respect.

Problem with arsenal they don't have people who know what they doing. They missed out on klopp, tuchel and pep as managers because they weren't decisive. They recruited average managers. Ten haag/overmars done great at ajax or conte should be who they target if arteta come end this year. Then look at how they are dealing with players contracts and player recruitment. Letting players go for free when chelski and pool selling above market value.
Overall everything is just rotten at arsenal top to bottom. Arteta done a decent job for inexperienced manager but is he a top 4 manager? Don't think so.
- Nice one 👍🏼
- I enjoyed this bit. Sky should do this more often.
- Proud to see James & Clive representing Arsenal fans. COYG 🔴⚪️
- Never heard of Clive before but talks sense whoever he is
- The guy in the glasses could easily be a regular presenter/pundit on Sky Sports! What a voice! Agreed with everything he said as well
- No Ty? YouTube off
- Thanks Clive for keeping faith with the progress. If you don't have patience then support another. Always support a true, honest club that builds from the young and a better future for the next generation.
- Should go to man utd fans and ask same questions..level on points with arsenal ...utd 520m in debt
- but will Neville and Carragher, particularly Neville, meet a "certain" United fan now?
- 3 really good representives of arsenal fans there a much better reflection than we have had before on Sky. You could see neville and carragher respected jamie as he knows what he is talking about
- Btec
- All three fans are Arteta fan boys, isn’t that ironic. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were hand picked by Arsenal to represent the club, more PR nonsense.

Over 10 years and people are still telling arsenal fans to be patient…
- i can't understand this - knowledgable, well balanced, likeable and reasoned Arsenal fans.... didn't think they existed from all the usual dross you normally get on AFTV...

(yes i know she is from AFTV, but she knows her stuff)