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Oglądalność: 14009, czas ile trwa 7m 50s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena , oraz reakcje 31. I got this really cool wearable USB powered fan for sporting events and outdoors. This is a dual fan device which you can wear around your neck leaving your hands free during those hot summer days. This wearable USB sports fan has a built in 18650 battery with 1800 mAh capacity for up to 4 - 8 hours run time per charge depending on fan speed. There are three fan speeds which you can cycle through with a light press of the power button. A three second press on the power button turns the fan o ...

Wearable USB Sports Fan For Camping Hiking Survival Sports

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- Wastes of money
- Zerknij sobie też i tu agriculture , można też gdzie indziej szukać.
- Hold the button to turn it on hold until the led light pops up :)
- Let me tell you something
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- Just got mine
- Ahhhhh i need to know whats inside in this fan 😭
- Compre 2 y uno carga y el otro no. Que tengo que hacer para que me lo cambien gracias
- señores yo compre 4 unidades y nome funcionan espero respuesta antes de denunciarles pues creo q un timo qwe de 4 no baia ninguno boi hairt hala oficina del consumidort haver qweme cuentan de ustedes mdoloresduatis@jmil,com esta soi yo calle garriga n 82 1/2 piso badalona barcelona
- What about long haircutting tangled in the fans ??
- Can you show how you inserted the charger? Having trouble inserting it
- Thanks for sharing this video. Can you give us a review about it after these months?
- Just got one today and its not working..the light indicator is not even flashing. Help?
- Amazon prime is very high
- I just got mine and I know for sure I will be using it a lot.
- how do u change the battery on these? where do u open the place to put the battery in?
- I got one today for my birthday so whenever I’m doing my yard work I keep cool. And this thing is awesome I just love it.
- Can I still use while charging? I was going to get a power bank and have the fan run off of that??
- Why are you on the floor? Sorry, but it just seems strange for a review of,, well anything except knee pads or something? Lol. Just saying.. Take care
Oh and it would probably be better if you reviewed after during and or after the weekend outing so we actually know how it works in the real world, not on the floor of your...? Whatever it is the floor of? Look forward to seeing the actual review though.
- I want a update on the handsfree fan. I looking to buy one for myself.