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When Fans Meet their Sportsman Heroes and Get Gifts - Beautiful And Emotional Moments 2020

- In todays world. Rooting for ur favorite team is all we have..
- Never forget where u started!
- wow, this choked me up!
- I would just tell them in their ear. You're the hero not me.
- Mr nurmagomedov and please excuse me if I've spelt it wrong but for me he showed more class than most people will never have, thank you sir.
- You give a fan one minute of your time, they will give you a lifetime of loyalty! This is awesome!
- 6:41 Rest In Peace legend 🙏🏻
- Kobe. 😢
- Eu nunca vou conseguir entender por que tanto dislike em vídeos como esse...
- These videos will brighten anyone's day😍😍😍😍
- Being kind and respectful is what we want to see And it cheers us up
- Great clip that just made my day.
- Thanks to the players who are on the same level as us small ppl
- how can you unlike this?
- Con que poco se conforma No? Tendríamos que aprender de ellos , desde Argentina 👍
- I wonder if these athletes really know what a wonderful thing they have done. You made these disabled kids day or should I say life. This is something they will take with them for ever.
- Simplemente maravilloso
- Kobe with the little girl😭😭
- 8:45 😭