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When Kids Meet their Sportsman Heroes - Emotional & Beautiful Moments - DcTube

- You can follow us on social media
- this has me crying
- You have to be some kind of evil piece of shit to dislike this video
- 1st song name please
- Pls subs to this dude
- 2:56 , if there was ever a keener person than this, I will give my fortunes away
- Nothing like seeing pure happiness in a child 💓
- That 2nd soccer one killed me
- There is a need for the pure, selfless joy of children. They love stars and need a memory, it’s so good.
- What is the song?
- Kimi forza Ferrari
- whats the name of the song where the little kid meets the titans football player in the beginning of the video?
- So cool man
- know nothing of soccer or who that player was at :35....but damnit, as a dad I cried, that guy was a good human being.
- the last one gives me chills idk why
- 2:49
- The little blackie was soooo black...
- 0:54-5:04 What's the name of this song and the artists
- 2:43 so sweet
- So cool.
Just a few moments of their time makes the kids so happy