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Oglądalność: 7185026, czas ile trwa 9m 15s, otrzymana od Państwa ocena 56783, oraz reakcje 2777. Here are some moments when sports fans go a bit overboard during some of the games/matches. Like and sub! :D - football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more! - In this video we commentate/report about some moments in which sports fans went a little bit too far during sporting events, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining! - Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over! - Song in the video: Song name: FortyThr33 - Bay Breeze 1 HOUR (No Copyright Tropical House Music) ...


- This is channel is trash. How can you have that many subs when you cant get the fact right. USELESS!
- Surprise surprise 98% of all the dumb vids are from the dumbest country on Earth!!
- Jak dla mnie dość ciekawe, podłogi Lublin , dobrze jak tu znajdziecie coś ciekawego.
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- I posted a comment on this 10 months ago. I was at the 4:27 gym before
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- The last one was how Columbus discovered America.
- 2:17 I wouldn't hesitate to knock them out for STEALING from my hand
- "A man kind of started a chaos" How did you learn to speak English so strangely?
- Ibromovic??? Swear Americans don't know football
- Good vid but I hate cheap thumbnails.
- Photo shoot guy is a legend
- That dude at the end took the ball from a little kid...dudes a joke,how lame!!!
- 1:18 could be int running olympics
- Anyone who takes the item a player gives to a child is trash!
- "Ibramovik"?
Who the fuck is that guy?
- For the 1 dollar one, the reason is wrong
First of all they were all fake and were throwed by a fan towards the goalkeeper because he ended his contract and wasn't renewing much because of less money issue or something like that
- Remi is da man!
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